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The name 'Part Nine' comes from a section in all Canadian Building Codes that governs design and construction of Residential and Small Buildings.

Building performance is a measure of how well a building performs it's many functions. Prominent building performance aspects are energy efficiency, thermal comfort, durability, and indoor air quality

At Part Nine Performance Inc., our goal is to make homes more comfortable, healthy, and sustainable. We achieve this by providing expert consultation, inspection, and diagnostic services to correct and repair building envelope failures. We also use our understanding of building science and experience in the construction industry to best deliver practical and economical renovation and construction services.

Contact us today for an initial consultation, and find out more about how we can tailor our services to your needs.

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About the Owner

My Story

Professional Life

My name is Oliver Brady, I am a Civil Engineering Technologist and a member of ASET (The Association of Science & Engineering Technology Professionals of Alberta). I have taken further courses in home inspection, net-zero home building and renovation, and high performance home design and construction.

I've owned a small general contacting company since 2013 and have performed all aspects of residential construction from small bathroom renovations to full custom homes and acreage developments. I have worked for high-end custom home builders, building science engineering consultants, and property restoration companies. 

I enjoy both the hands-on aspects of construction as well as understanding the science, physics, and engineering relating to building science.

In my career, I have commonly noticed a large gap in understanding between engineers and tradespeople. Most engineers have never built a house with their own hands, and most builders and tradespeople have very little understanding of the science and engineering that goes behind establishing the codes and guidelines they follow.

My goal is to bridge that gap the best I can. In my business, I want to foster communication and respect between all people involved in the construction process. Everyone has something to learn, and something to teach. 

Personal Life

I grew up in Jasper and love the outdoors. I enjoy hiking, mountain biking and back-country camping. 

I enjoy woodworking as a hobby and build furniture when I can find the time.

My wife is a veterinarian and we love animals, especially our two energetic dogs.

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