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Who we work for.

Clients: Clients


We can assist with anything from diagnosing the cause of a small spot of mold found on a baseboard to a complete custom home or renovation project. We strive to achieve your goals, provide quality services, and work within your budget.

Property Managers

​We work with property managers to inspect building envelope failures in single family homes and multi-family residential units. We can be your eyes on-site. We can investigate building complaints and provide a written report with photos to help document problems, give insight on potential causes, and recommend further actions or repair solutions. We can then provide general contracting services for repairs, or recommend engineering consultants for larger scopes of work.


We strive to help builders create better finished products and have less warranty claims. Airtightness testing before drywall can help find air barrier discontinuities while they are still easy to repair. We can also assist in warranty claims by diagnosing building envelope failures and providing recommendations for repair.


We are happy to assist engineers by providing thermal images and diagnostic testing, or by performing building envelope repairs or assisting in investigations as a general contractor.

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